First Time Gun Owner?
Thinking About Getting a Firearm?

If you've already bought, or are thinking about getting a firearm for the first time, please get some training in safety and the proper handling of your gun. From the basics, like loading, safely unloading, basic firearm maintenance to marksmanship and safe storage alternatives.

Even better, with a new firearm costing hundreds of $$$, get the training before you buy.  Try some of our guns, semi-autos and revolvers, to see what's most comfortable for you and what you shoot best.  A gun that a relative or friend loves, may not be right for you as an individual.

For $75 per person (less for family groups), plus range fees and ammunition, you'll get 8 hours of training, including time at the range to try several of our guns. It's money well spent for some peace of mind. Plus, it can be the start of a new and fun hobby.

If you decide later to get an Illinois Concealed Carry permit, the 8 hours can be applied to the required 16 Hour requirement.

We are only doing individual training and small groups for now. Questions or want to schedule a session at your location or ours?  Just e-mail us at: or text to (708) 704-8757.

Bulletin from the Illinois State Police

FOID Update, 5/24/2021

For anyone that has applied for an Illinois Firearm Owners ID (FOID), Concealed Carry Permit or renewal and wondered why it's taking so long. As a Certified Instructor, I received an e-mail from the Illinois State Police, explaining why things are taking so long to get approved and processed.

The number of new FOID applications received from January 1, 2021 totals over 75,498, compared to 6,999 for the same time period in 2019, an increase of 501%. In fact, Illinois led the country in FBI NICS background checks, associated with the sale, transfer or permitting of firearms for the month of June. The FBI conducted more background checks related to gun sales during June than any month since it began keeping track in 1998. 

We know many of you are frustrated with the delays you are experiencing, but we assure you they are doing the best they can and that, "this increased demand has been met with increased commitment on the part of the current FSB (Firearm Service Bureau) staff. On average, the current staff works an extra week in overtime hours every month to address application processing needs. The FSB continues to address staffing by hiring more personnel. Within the past several weeks the FSB has interviewed and made conditional offers of employment to 10 Firearms Eligibility Analyst Trainees and we have an additional 20 more positions pending."

400,000 Illinois Concealed Carry Permits Have Been Issued as of January 2021!
Where's Yours?

Learn Basic Gun Safety and Marksmanship or
Get your carry permit in the simplest, most convenient way possible now.

Never fired or handled a gun? No problem 40% of our students are "first timers".
Learn with our guns before you decide what's best for you personally.

Small classes, couples and individual lessons available, conveniently located in the Southwest suburbs, offering flexible timing, with your friends and family or privately at affordable rates make it easy.

Specializing in new shooters


Where Are Your Classes?
Pretty much anywhere that makes it convenient for you. We have done classes in conference rooms at offices, church community rooms, in your family room or here in ours. All we need is a place to sit and take notes and a TV we can hook a laptop to. E-mail or call and we'll talk about the most convenient location for you.

Final qualification for basic gun safety and Marksmanship or concealed carry is at a range and can be conducted at any of several convenient local ranges where we are registered and insured. Range sessions can be individually scheduled as a group, or for your convenience, one at a time. We've done several on lunch breaks during the week.

What do I need?                                                                                                                                                    To get a Illinois Carry Permit or to use any shooting range in Illinois, all you need is a current Illinois FOID (Firearm Owners ID) Card, or have one applied for online ($10 for 10 years - apply on the Illinois State Police Website:  The only other thing you'll need is a pad and pen to take notes.  There are also plenty of hand out sheets for "homework" between classes.

When Are Your classes?
Everybody is pressed for time. What are the best times for you?  After work on a week night?  On the weekend?  Every other weekend?  We can do the Illinois Concealed Carry 15 hour classroom part in 3, 4 or even 5 sessions on different days, followed by a 1 hour session at the range to qualify.  (Every student we've had has qualified on their first try) Whatever timing works best for you and your friends or family interested in the class.  Weekdays, weeknights, weekends or any combination are all possible.

Who Have You Trained?                                                                                                                             Since Concealed Carry became the law we have trained over 300 people. We don't do large groups of 50 people at a time, or try to cram all 16 hours into only two hectic days.  This subject is far too important for that. Our students have included extended families, individuals, groups of friends, a women's book club, businesses, single moms, couples and a local ladies Church Club.

We have done classes with groups of co-workers, U.S. Army and Marines just back from Afghanistan and Iraq, wives of State Troopers and Sheriff's deputies. We even had classes made up exclusively of people working at the Apple Genius Bar!  So yes, "Nerds" do have guns and they know how to use them safely. We have even trained several state political figures, with an understandable request we keep their names confidential.

So, whether you are a couple that wants to learn in the privacy of your own home, a single parent considering a home defense gun and concerned about safe storage, or just a few interested people at work that want to set up some fun classes for a group, contact us and we can work something out for you. There are discounts for larger groups. 

40% of our students have been women.

35% of all students have never fired a handgun before.

100% of our students have passed the shooting qualification on their first try.

None of our students, that have completed the classes, has ever been rejected for a carry permit.

Do I Need A Gun For The Class?
No. In fact, if you're just starting out, it's better to take the classes and learn to handle some of our guns safely and then try them at the range before making a major financial investment in your own gun. You'll make a much better choice with the knowledge and hands on experience you'll gain in the classes.

Note: Just because your best friend/father/brother/sister/co-worker "loves" their Glock, 1911, Springfield XD, Sig Sauer, etc.; doesn't mean it's the best gun for you and your situation.  By the end of the class you'll know what you're comfortable with for your desired purpose and have a much better feel for what to look for in buying a new or used firearm.

Why Training?                                                                                                                                                     With the changes in Chicago and Illinois gun laws and the concealed carry law, there has been a huge surge of interest in firearms and the shooting sports in general.  More than 350,000 Illinois residents have applied for new FOID cards just in just the last two years. There are as many reasons for learning to safely use a firearm as there are people.

  • Some people are just curious about firearms and want to find out what shooting is all about the right way.
  • Others may be moving into an apartment by themselves or as single parents and want extra personal security.
  • Some have been shooting for a while and just need that final CCW qualification.
  • Others might have inherited a gun and have it sitting in a drawer or on a shelf, not quite sure what to do with it. 
  • You may have family or friends involved in shooting and want to find out what shooting is all about on your own. 
  • Some couples and families just want to learn something new together and target shooting is a fun, safe sport.
  • You might be thinking about getting an Illinois concealed carry permit and aren't quite sure where to start.
  • If you own or plan to own a firearm, you need to know what the laws governing their use are, even if you don't ever plan on carrying outside your home.

A Word About Safety!
While you will be handling and learning to load and safely unload and clean and maintain guns, there is never any live ammunition in the classroom.  We only use "Snap Caps" for in class exercises.  These are inert solid aluminum "dummy" rounds that are the exact same size and shape as real ammunition, but with no powder, bullet or explosive primer.

Whatever your reasons, the most important step is to get professional training in safely handling, using, cleaning and storing a firearm!

Senior Instructor: Don Petersen, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Illinois State Police Concealed Carry Instructor, US Army Vietnam Veteran

Learn Gun Safety and Basic Marksmanship from Don Petersen and his team of NRA Certified Instructors.  Don has one of the first Illinois Concealed Carry Permits issued and is NRA Certified to teach Basic Pistol and Illinois State Police Certified to teach Illinois Concealed Carry classes. He's a US Army Vietnam veteran, with over 40 years of firearms and shooting sports experience.  You’ll learn the basics of firearm safety and marksmanship in a comfortable, non-threatening setting with an emphasis on safety, fun and hands-on learning.

  • E-mail us for details on setting up a class schedule and location for your convenience
  • Learn both revolver and semi-auto pistol use, with hands on experience
  • Classes have included first time shooters to veterans just back from Afghanistan
  • One on one, couples training and individual coaching are also available
  • Small classes are guaranteed with one-on-one coaching at the range
  • Individuals with physical limitations and disabilities are always welcome
  • The emphasis is always on safety
  • Any Questions or Concerns?  Just text (708) 704-8757 and leave a message or e-mail us at
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All classes require a valid Illinois FOID Card (current or applied for) by completion of the course.  Online applications can be made at: from the Illinois State Police. 


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